From a family man’s perspective

Dear Wrexham councillors,

I don’t usually write letters and I might not have the knowledge to write words that make you sit and up and take notice. It has been said to me that emotions won’t work because you are concerned with facts and figures .First of all I’d like to acknowledge that I realise you have restraints imposed on you ,but I’m also aware that you have alternatives, some of which I’m sure will be brought to your attention, if you were not already aware. Question is whether you really want an alternative or whether your minds are already made up and you have other plans for these sites irrespective of the damage caused to people’s lives – because be sure, that will be the result .

I am 52 and have used Plas Madoc and Waterworld since they were built and have taken my children and now take my grandchildren to them. Plas Madoc is exceptional for those first steps into the world of water. I like many others have seen the concept and development of certain modes of entertainment /leisure at the centre flourish ,while others have regrettably passed by the wayside.I,for the life of me don’t understand why the excellent facilities at Plas Madoc are not promoted more. If you took the time to ask people what activities take place there ,you would see/hear that people haven’t got a clue just how extensive are these facilities, how wide ranging and how they are adaptable from the very young to the very old ,from the able bodied and those not so able. From my own perspective ,apart from taking the kids swimming ,I’ve played squash(and got the stitches on my nose to prove it),badminton ,5 a side, use the gym regularly and like the fact that it is a real community hub, unlike some of the private gyms I have been coerced to attend .

I urge you not to ignore the facts and figures, but make damn sure you look behind them and if people are giving you alternatives, take them. Anyone who has suffered from depression will tell you that exercise is one of the things that is recommended as a means to climbing out of that black hole. It was the rope that got me out of there and I really fear for the consequences of your short term decisions. People that suffer depression, or that have any other physical or non-physical impairment need somewhere that they can not only exercise, but feel like they are in a place that feel comfortable to do so. Plas Madoc serves this purpose like no other .Do all you can to save it.


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