From a Mum’s Perspective

Dear Councillor

I would like to express my objection to the proposal to close Plas Madoc leisure centre.
I am a mum of two living in the local area and I have to say that, as a family we all use the facilities there.
My children learnt to swim there and we still go swimming at Plas Madoc as it’s ideal for people of all ages, but especially little ones as the sloping nature of the pool is perfect to help them become more confident in the water.

My eldest child now goes to senior school and frequently attends the gym after school with her friends as part of the 5×60 scheme in schools to increase activity of school children -I presume this would just not be available to her anymore if it were to close which just makes a mockery of the whole 5×60 programme.

Both my children frequently use the leisure centre during the holidays as there is a really good activity programme which includes roller skating and free swimming. If the leisure centre closes then there would be nothing at all for them to do in the holidays. They would become really bored – I don’t have the money to take them to the cinema or bowling and I don’t drive either so this makes it difficult to keep them occupied.

My main concern – if you go ahead with this decision- is about where children will go to swim during hot summer days. They will head to the River Dee. I have heard of many children becoming sick from swimming in that river, but that would be the least of my worries as it is a dangerous fast flowing river and with fewer options for swimming lessons, children will not be able to swim properly. It’s a scary thought that you are potentially putting children’s lives at risk for the sake of saving some money. Our children’s lives should be worth more than that.

Please think carefully when making your decision.


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