From a sporting & social legacy perspective


There is a local sporting issue that I feel compelled to write to you.

The demolition plight of both Plas Madoc & Waterworld brings to me much consternation. To be from Wrexham is to have sport in your heart. For example: Wrexham has one of the oldest ‘in use’ national sporting arenas in the world, the football team played at Wembley twice last season, it’s has a successful rugby league team and just recently we had a golden post box, because one of our own’s win at the London Olympics. Yet now, the legacy of those successful Olympics is at threat by the possible decision of the council to close & demolish both leisure centres.

I learned to swim at Plas Madoc, it is a fantastic inspiring building for a child, because the pool is like that of a kindergarten environment and the slow sloping depth helps the youngster gain confidence whatever their height. Thanks to this centre, I, as well many other 1,000s can now swim. Wrexham has no other building like it.

If we close these buildings, less people will learn/practice to swim and thus we lose potential future Olympic medals, athletes and possibly even lives through lack of swimming skills.

Both Waterworld & Plas Madoc are social epicentres for local people whether young or old that help to keep them healthy and build communities. Once gone, these will not be replaced for many years to come. I also ponder of the social cost; I believe that crime usually goes up when there is a reduction of places for the young to go. There was article in the press only recently that found that crime was reduced in and around the Queensway Stadium when there were extra sporting events put on during the evenings.

I feel that if the Council’s Executive Board vote on January 14th to demolish these two buildings, the town’s sporting legacy and social well being will greatly diminish. I encourage all Wrexhamers whether sporting fans or not to lobby the members of the Council’s Executive Board as soon as is practical.

Yours Sincerely


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