Plas Madoc Protest

There will be a protest at Plas Madoc Leisure Centre at 12pm on Saturday 11th January 2014.

Campaigner Darrell Wright said: “We’re organising a peaceful but noisy protest for all the community outside Plas Madoc at mid-day on Saturday, January 11th, to show how much our leisure centre means to us. This is where local children learn to swim and play, where adults can use a gym and other sports facilities and where people can get rehab in the community. Lots of various sports groups meet there and will be left homeless if the council presses ahead with these short-sighted plans.

“We want people to turn up with pots and pans to make some noise as well as wearing their sports gear.

“This has all happened so suddenly just before Christmas and many people we’ve spoken to while collecting signatures on our petitions were unaware of the threat to close. So we’ve got to act quickly and make sure everyone puts pressure on the 10 councillors on the executive board to consider the impact on the community before the close these sporting facilities.

“We hope the thousands who are on our Facebook page, the thousands who have already signed our petitions and everyone who is against this foolish plan will turn out on the 11th to show their support. We will also be lobbying the meeting in the Guildhall on Tuesday, January 14th.”

Please bring your pots and pans and join us for the protest.


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